Special Topics in Raising Your Challenging Child

Parent Child Excursions are stand-alone courses on common topics in developmental and behavioral pediatrics: ADHD, anxiety, autism, social success, sibling relationships, eating, sleeping, violence, adolescence, gender, sexuality, and more. These in-depth seminars are for parents of children with challenging temperaments or developmental differences. Each Excursion starts with a review of background concepts then dives deep into specific strategies. As with all Parent Child Journey courses, the emphasis here is on individualizing the approach for each child. Choose the topics that interest you. Real-life challenges. Real-life solutions.

Different Children. Different Parents.

As children learn differently, so do parents. Dr. Shapiro has designed options to fit different parent needs, schedules, and financial resources. A wide range of topics. Live discussion groups. Recorded at-your-own-pace video courses. All programs are offered on a pay-what-you-can basis.

You may also be interested in Parent Child Journey: An Individualized Approach to Raising Your Challenging Child – a ten session integrated course.


Every Monday at 1:00 PM (EST)

Join other parents and Dr. Dan for a participant-led discussion. Different themes are selected by the group each week. Share experiences and ideas. Support each other. Brainstorm solutions. You are not alone.

Live Zoom Discussion Groups with Dr. Dan

Fall 2022: Thursday Evenings

Two 4-session workshops on Anxiety and ADHD. Sign up for either or both. Different registration and zoom link for each course.

Anxiety in Children and Adolescents

DATES: Four Thursday night sessions, September 8, 15, 22, and 29
TIME: 7:00-8:00 PM (Eastern Time-USA)
WITH: Dan Shapiro, MD
WHERE: On Zoom (recorded video course and live discussion links both provided upon registration)

ADHD Meds for Children and Adolescents

DATES: Four Thursday night sessions, September 8, 15, 22, and 29
TIME: 8:15-9:15 PM (Eastern Time-USA)
WITH: Dan Shapiro, MD
WHERE: On Zoom (recorded video course and live discussion links both provided upon registration)

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Excursions FAQs

Is this right for me?

Graduates of the ten session Journey parent training program may be interested in more focused discussion of specific topics. But you don’t have to be a Journey graduate to sign up for these Excursions. All are welcome. These seminars are for parents of children of all ages with challenging temperaments or developmental differences. Each Excursion covers one topic, including some of the most common and difficult issues facing parents today. When you register for the live discussion group, you get the recorded video course free.

What should I expect if a sign up for a live Excursion discussion group?

Participants will get the most out of the live discussions if they preview the recorded at-your-own-pace video course. That way, you can cover more detailed course content before the group meets and come ready with questions. Each session will begin with a brief review of background concepts and specific strategies. Then, Dr. Dan leads the group discussion about individualized approaches to implementation. Conversation is informal. Parents are encouraged to share. By the end of the program, parents should understand where problems come from and what to do. Real-life challenges, real-life solutions.

What topics are covered in live Excursions?

All topics are always available through the recorded at-your-own-pace video courses. If you want to join a live discussion group, all the special topics are offered in rotation. Check out the list of Live Excursions to learn about upcoming topics and times.

Should I take a live Excursion discussion group, a recorded at-your-own-pace video course, or both?

Every one of the Special Topics in Raising Your Challenging Child Excursions is always available as a video recording. Some parents will want to just watch the recorded at-your-own-pace course without joining a live discussion group. These online courses are comprehensive and detailed. So, the video recordings are a great way for you to get the complete course content, whenever you like.

The live discussion groups serve a different purpose. These interactive groups give parents the opportunity to talk directly with Dr. Dan and hear from other parents too. Live Excursions are your chance to ask questions, share experiences and brainstorm solutions. If you are going to join a live discussion group, we recommend watching the at-your-own-pace recorded course in advance. That way, you will come prepared for the discussion.

Live Excursion discussion group? Recorded at-your-own-pace video course? Or both? It’s entirely up to you.

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Just click the link next to the course title(s) of your choice. Then, scroll down to view the course outline and a sample video. Want to get all the Excursions? Note “complete package” option below all course listings.

Supporting Children Through the Pandemic and Beyond – CLICK HERE

In this video course, Dr. Dan explains how, “A pandemic is a terrible thing to waste.” Parents will learn how to respond to their children with empathy and help them face the Covid era with optimism. They will learn how to apply problem-solving skills to current – and future – challenges.

Helping Your Child with ADHD Medication – CLICK HERE

This video course provides a comprehensive discussion of ADHD medication. How to decide when to treat? How to run a carefully controlled medication trial? How to avoid blood level dips and provide even medication coverage? How to manage medication side effects? When, how and why to try stopping medication? Dr. Dan answers these questions and more.

Overcoming Anxiety – CLICK HERE

Anxiety is the most common developmental challenge of childhood- but it is also the best understood and the most manageable. In this video course, Dr. Dan discusses the many causes of anxiety and what to do about it. His approach goes beyond child-centered cognitive behavioral therapy to include the whole family, school, and others.

Coexisting ADHD, Anxiety, and Autism – CLICK HERE

ADHD, Anxiety and Autism often travel together. In this video course, Dr. Dan shows how to move beyond these diagnostic categories and think about a spectrum of excitation-inhibition. This way of thinking about developmental difference helps us find the right balance – with medication and other therapies – for each child.

Autism, Gender and Sexual Variation – CLICK HERE

Thanks to people with developmental differences, the world is changing. Hear Dr. Dan’s thoughts on: “What people with autism have to teach the rest of us about sexuality and gender.” Autism is common; so are differences in gender and sexuality. Is there a connection? How to support your child’s self-discovery.

Children and Violent Play – CLICK HERE

Many children exhibit aggressive behaviors. They have violent thoughts. They say scary things. In this video discussion, Dr. Dan explores play-fighting, media exposure to violence, and more. When to just “let kids be kids.” When to worry. What to do.

Helping Siblings Get Along – CLICK HERE

Siblings can be the best of friends and the worst of enemies. Parents often struggle deciding when to take a step forward and when to take a step back. Using a family systems framework, Dr. Dan discusses how to individualize behavior management and teach children how to do collaborative problem-solving.

Helping Your Child Experience Social Success – CLICK HERE

There are many reasons why some children struggle making friends. By understanding the source of these difficulties and your child’s current level of social development, you can set the stage for successful peer interactions. Dr. Dan shows how assessment of social development guides the choreography of “just-right” social challenges.

Helping Your Child Learn Healthy Eating Habits – CLICK HERE

Whether your child eats too little or too much, this video course will help you understand why. How to take a balanced, practical, and individualized approach? Dr. Dan discusses the important difference between short-term calorie intake and long-term habit formation. Growth and nutrition matter. But social and emotional health should “weigh” at least as much.

Helping Your Child with Sleep Problems – CLICK HERE

Does your child have difficulty falling asleep and/or staying asleep? Should you be tough or soft? As with all of Dr. Dan’s programs, effective management depends upon the source of your child’s sleep problems – and a bit about you too! One approach does not fit all children or all parents. Here’s how to find what’s right for your family.

Working with Your Adolescent – CLICK HERE

It’s no secret that the adolescent years can be stressful for teens and parents. However, this period between childhood and adulthood can also be a time of positive growth and development. In this video course, Dr. Dan reviews normal development then shares ideas on how to navigate common challenges. Little kids, little problems. Big kids, big problems. Parenting do’s and don’ts.

Registration for individual courses: Choose from the menu. Pick what you like. Pay what you can. Recommended range $10-$35 gets you two months of access. To those of you who can pay more, thanks for helping those who can’t. For preview and registration, just click on individual course titles above.

Registration for a complete package of all courses: Get six months of access to the whole buffet! If you are interested in viewing more than a few of these courses, you can purchase all the Excursions in one big bundle. Pay-what-you-can. Suggested range: $100-$350. To those of you who can pay more, thanks for helping those who can’t. For the complete package of At-Your-Own-Pace Excursions videos, CLICK HERE


Get your copy of Dr. Dan’s book on ADHD, Anxiety, and Autism. This is an in-depth guide to medication management for ADHD, parallel exposure therapy for anxiety, combined therapies for management of coexisting conditions, social choreography for autism, plus the intertwined issues of autism, sexuality and gender. Available in paperback or Kindle e-book.