Special Topics:

For parents of children with challenging temperaments or developmental differences, these interactive sessions cover some of the most common and difficult issues facing parents today. We will focus on one special topic each session. After reviewing some background concepts and specific strategies, the group will discuss individualized approaches to implementation. Choose the topics that interest you. Real-life challenges. Real-life solutions.

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Excursions FAQs

Is this right for me?
Graduates of the Journey ten session parent training program may be interested in more focused discussion of specific topics. But you don’t have to be a Journey graduate to sign up for these Excursions. All are welcome. These seminars are for parents of children of all ages with challenging temperaments or developmental differences. These interactive sessions cover some of the most common and difficult issues facing parents today. You can see the materials for each excursion by clicking on the Excursion title in the box at the top of this page.

What should I expect?
Each session will begin with a review of background concepts and specific strategies. Then the group will talk about individualized approaches to implementation. Discussion will be informal. Parents are encouraged to share. By the end of the program, parents should understand where problems come from and what to do. Real-life challenges, real-life solutions.

What topics are covered?
Special topics are offered in rotation. Check out the classes listed above to learn about upcoming topics, times and locations.