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Welcome to Parent Child Journey
previously known as Raising Your Challenging Child

Dan Shapiro, M.D. • Developmental–Behavioral Pediatrics • Parent Group Trainer, Speaker, Consultant

Parents of challenging children need support that is available, affordable and effective. To meet this need, Dr. Shapiro has developed the Parent Child Journey Program: a behavior management training course. In interactive group workshops, participants are introduced to a Tool Kit of behavioral strategies. By the end of the course, parents will learn how to individualize their approach to difficult behaviors, problem situations and developmental concerns. At the same time, parents share experiences and support each other. Dr. Shapiro offers a variety of programs to help families deal with real-life complexities.

Different children. Different parents. Same Boat.

Interactive Parent Training Programs

Parent Child Journey


This ten session parent group training program provides an individualized approach for understanding and managing challenging behaviors. In each interactive session, parents learn how to personalize proactive strategies for raising children with difficult temperaments and developmental differences. Different children. Different parents. Different solutions.

Parent Child Journey Excursions


These Special Topics & Short Courses focus on some of the most common challenges facing parents today. Topics for these interactive sessions include: anxiety, social success, sibling relationships, eating, sleeping, medication, adolescence, parent self-care and more. Parents learn underlying concepts, practical strategies and individualized approaches.

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Collaborating with colleagues, allied health professionals, educators and community leaders, Dr. Shapiro has fostered partnerships throughout the community to promote learning and support families. He is available for speaking engagements, professional development and consultation. Dr. Shapiro also offers a train-the-trainer program for other professionals who would like to provide the Parent Child Journey Program in their communities.